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About ZUE


The history of ZUE

Years ago, in mid-crisis, we realised we only had two ways to go: carry on being a traditional boiler maker and slim down resources (workforce) or take a 360º turn and adapt to changing times. This was when we laid the basis for the transformation we are still undergoing. We purchased the neighbouring building, adding the painting process that we had hitherto outsourced and this, together with the purchase of a laser machine, enabled us to integrate and control the whole production process from beginning to end, cutting manufacturing times and expanding our product range. None of this would have been possible without the collaboration of different organisations and all the people who make up our own company. We use the BOLT system to foster information / training, engagement, autonomy and self-management in multi-skilled teams, which enables us to know what they need and be ready to meet these needs.

Oct, 21 - H1

1987  * Founding of the company.

Oct, 21 - H1

2007  * New executive and new management methods (ERP).

Mon, 24 Oct

2012  *Expansion of premises to 2000 m2. Installation of painting facilities.

Mon, 24 Oct

2017  *Laser machine purchased.

Work group

Self-managed multi-skilled groups to make sure your requirements are met

Know our facilities

ZUE capacity


Extensive facilities

In our 2,000 m2 of space we have the means of production necessary to carry out boiler making and assembly work.

Cutting machinery

Trumpf Laser Machine (3000 x 1500), oxygen and plasma cutting machine with CNC control (6000 x 2500), shear, saw, various manual cutting devices.

Specialists in boiler making

All kinds of parts made up from plans; backed up by over 30 years in the industry. TIG welding, MIG/MAG for manual and automatic welding processes.


In search of excellence


ISO 9001

Bureau Veritas

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International Welding Technician

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